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Cross Country 101

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“Read and loved it. Made it required reading of my freshmen boys cross country team. I am looking forward to his sophomore season; Cross Country 201?” -- St. Mary's (Medford, OR) Cross Country and Track & Field Coach Joe Volk.

"This is the most interesting running book I have ever read. It is so captivating that I stayed up all night reading it..... I think every runner, whether he/she competes in X-C or distance running, should read the book. As fiction, the book is entertaining, but it is full of tips about running. These tips are woven into the story in subtle ways.” -- (LINK)

“...Thankfully, this is not a how-to book, where someone who has done nothing in particular to distinguish himself as an authority on running commences to tell us how we are supposed to run. Rather, this is a fictional account that is a spot-on capture of the zeitgeist of high school running. I eagerly recommend Cross Country 101 to anyone, of any age, interested in the topic. ”  -- -Link

“...Verdict: An engaging and fascinatingly detailed read of how cross country running can make a positive change in a teenager's life. A story of positivity that will get you and your kids wanting to break out those running shoes and cheer extra loudly during your kids' games! Highly recommended for parents, teenagers, and running buffs.”  -- (LINK)

“...What made the novel great is that it wasn’t completely based on running. There was a perfect blend of different conflicts and difficulties in the book that balanced out the story and kept the reader interested. I would definitely recommend it to anyone: runners and readers. ”  -- Anne Baskwill, age 12, (LINK)

“Despite an intended audience much younger than I, I found myself entirely engaged with the story, and even rooting strongly for Eric, the protagonist. As I got deeper into the book, I found myself reading faster and faster, as if I were training and racing with Eric, and it was harder and harder to put it down each day.” -- Marty Beene, Assistant Coach for Alameda High School Cross-Country (XC blog-Link) and owner of

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